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The Prayer Shawl Ministry started in November 2002. We asked the ladies of the church to start crocheting and knitting the Shawls and the project has blossomed since then. The Shawls go to people, be they members of this church, another church, or no church at all, who need a hug and a blessing. Maybe they are ill, lost a loved one, or are just having problems of any kind. We have sent these Prayer Shawls overseas, to cancer centers, even to the White House. The Shawls have comforted babies, people taking cancer treatments, wives and mothers of our Armed Forces.

In March of 2003, we started making small squares. These Prayer Squares are given to all who want to carry them with them at all times. We have sent many thousands to the Armed Forces. One Black Hawk division asked for a second bunch, as theirs were worn out.

To date we have made and dedicated over 2000 Prayer Shawls, and over 27,000 Prayer Squares.

Prayer Shawl Prayer Shawl Dedication Prayer Square